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Kohta Teurastamo | Afterwork exhibition & drink

May 16 @ 17:00 18:30

Join us for an exploration of contemporary art at Kohta’s latest exhibition, ‘Figure.’ Afterward, unwind and discuss the vibrant artworks over drinks at Teurastamo. It promises to be an evening of thought-provoking conversations and hopefully memorable experiences. We look forward to seeing you there!

Emilia Tanner, Fractals, 2023. Photographer: Jussi Tiainen Emilia Tanner, Fractals, 2023. Photographer: Jussi Tiainen
  • Venue:
    • Kohta Gallery Teurastamo inner yard,
      Työpajankatu 2 B, building 7, 3rd floor
      00580 Helsinki, Finland
    • A bar will be chosen in Teurastamo
  • Last Day to Sign Up: 16.05.2024
  • Free entrance at the gallery.
  • Open to our members and their guests
  • Organisers: Tanja Vuorela (+358408266103), Juliette de Cuzey (+358452105753)

A few words about the exhibition “Figure” showcasing the work of Maria Taniguchi & Emilia Tanner

The title of Kohta’s new duo exhibition, “Figure,” is intentionally ambiguous, serving as both a noun and a verb, suggesting both fixity and fiction while avoiding ambitious claims. In classical Latin, “figura” mirrored the Greek word “schema,” gathering various meanings like outward appearance, symbols, and dream images.

The artworks of Taniguchi and Tanner challenge conventional figuration, resembling monochromes and turning inward rather than outward. Instead of helping viewers understand the world, the works assert their own presence, blocking external views. Taniguchi showcases her ongoing ‘brick wall paintings,’ suggesting constant renewal within a consistent motif.

Taniguchi’s paintings depict a unified visual grid resembling masonry patterns but also exhibit surface irregularities, echoing the fluctuations of acrylic medium behavior. Taniguchi’s work will also be featured at the Venice Biennale’s International Pavilion, reinforcing her thematic exploration of “Foreigners Everywhere.”