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AMA Galleria | Afterwork exhibition & drink

April 25 @ 16:30 18:00

Let’s go check Matti Rantanen’s Structural Expressionism painting exhibition at AMA Galleria together for another artsy afterwork with Tanja & Juliette! After a guided tour in English, let’s debrief around a drink at Bar Haven, at the eponymous hotel nearby.

Matti Rantanen

AMA Galleria | Afterwork exhibition & drink

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A few words of the gallerist about Matti Rantanen & the exhibition

Matti Rantanen attended Vapaa taideskoulu and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from London Metropolitan University in 2008.
The name of the exhibition Structural Expressionism comes from an architectural style in which the building’s load-bearing structures and e.g. air conditioning pipes are left visible so that they are part of the building’s architectural look. The artist has applied this idea to his paintings. His paintings are built from dimension lines and auxiliary lines, which he has integrated into the works. With the help of these lines, you can understand how the optical illusions of the painting have been created. They not only form the work itself, but are also its central subject. Together, the lines also create a grid pattern, which forms a “grid painting” work. In some of the works, the artist has left visible traces created during the creation process, such as the cuts caused by a carpet knife on the surface of the painting. The incisions create a drawing element in the works.