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Helsinki Contemporary | “Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat” | Afterwork exhibition & drink

February 22 @ 17:00 19:00

Let’s go together at Helsinki Contemporary for a guided tour of their current group exhibition “Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat”, followed by a cosy debrieffing session around a drink near by, at St George’s Winter Garden. Who’s in?

  • Venue: Helsinki Contemporary, Bulevardi 10, 00120 Helsinki
  • Open to our members and their guests
  • Organisers: Tanja Vuorela (+358408266103), Juliette de Cuzey (+358452105753)

About the exhibition

Helsinki Contemporary’s second exhibition of the spring season, titled “Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat,” features three new artists to the gallery: Anton Alvarez, Jussi Goman, and Santeri Lehto. Despite their shared abstract minimalism, the trio’s approach is far from nostalgic or lukewarm. Their unique styles involve clever and distinctive gestures that reinvent beauty in unexpected ways.

The paintings and sculptures in this collective display engage in a subtle and porous dialogue, challenging preconceived notions and expectations. The artworks collide, creating a momentous yet elusive experience. The exhibition freezes this dynamic interaction, showcasing paintings by Lehto with elegant silence, Goman’s energetic compositions filled with seemingly mismatched elements, and Alvarez’s sculptures, which play with shapes and colors in a subtly humorous way.

“Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat” boldly presents a visual narrative within a historical context. Through contrasts and clashes, the exhibition reconciles opposites, embracing a back-and-forth of feminine and masculine expression, deconstruction, and creative reconstruction of form. The artworks merge in a riot of color, forming a dance of sweet misshapenness and misshapen sweetness.

After an inspiring visit, let’s head to the Winter Garden at St George Hotel for a delightful transition from art to relaxation. Nestled in a haven of sophistication, this elegant space exudes warmth with a crackling fireplace and iconic Klaus Hapaniemi designs, among other classical pieces that capture the essence of Finnish aesthetics.