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Bank of Finland Museum

April 16 @ 11:00 12:00

Where does money come from? What is inflation and how does it affect all of our lives? How does a central bank work, and how about monetary policy? How do I recognise a genuine euro banknote? If you are intrigued by all these questions, then join us for a guided tour arranged by Tuula in the Bank of Finland museum.

bank of finland museum
  • Venue with complete address: Snellaminkatu 2, 00170 Helsinki (Helsinki Catheral)
  • Maximum capacity: 30 persons
  • Last day to sign up: 11.4.2024
  • Cost: Free
  • Guest or menbers only: MEMBERS ONLY
  • Who is the organizer: Tuula Meres-Wuori, tel. 0503047649

About the Bank of Finland museum

The Bank of Finland Museum offers insights into various aspects of economics and finance. It covers topics such as the origin of money, the founding of the Bank of Finland, inflation’s impact, and the role of central banks and monetary policy. The exhibition is structured around four themes: history of money and banking, monetary policy, financial literacy, and banknote art. Visitors can explore turning points in Finnish economic history, the Eurosystem’s operation, financial stability efforts, and gain financial literacy to make informed decisions. The museum also showcases the artistic evolution of Finnish banknotes over more than 200 years, representing styles like Neo-Rococo, Neo-Renaissance, National Romanticism, Neo-Classicism, and Modernism.